Vörösmarty Mihaly Könyvtár, Székesfehérvár

  • April 2019

Vörösmarty Mihaly Könyvtár, Mihaly Vörösmarty Library, is situated in two buildings in the old town of  Székesfehérvár, a city with around 100 000 inhabitants. The main lending department has the location in the same building as a museum. The library is hidden behind an art exhibition room in upper floors. The premises are filled up with books from the floor to the ceiling and the books are not seldom difficult to reach. The other activities like children, reading room and music are in a building close to the museum, at the same square. The facilities in both buildings are very difficult to reach for disabled because of lack of lifts. There is an annual fee for the library card but it is very low. There are some program activities and a rather well developed cooperation with the nearby schools. The name of the library honours the poet and the dramatist Mihaly Vörösmarty. One star: Poor.