Keravan kaupunginkirjasto

  • April 2018

Kerava is a town of 35 000 inhabitants in the southern part of Finland, in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Kerava city library is a part of a culture house. It is centrally located and it is easy to access. In this library the collection plays a central role: it has a great variety, it is well exposed and there is an open stack. There are quiet places for study but less comfortable seats and areas to socialize. The newspaper area is open for library card owners every weekday from 6 o´clock to 22 and a shorter time during weekends. This is a traditional library of good quality, but it does not offer special services, like studios and makerspace, to activate customers.  Traditional and advanced, yes, if you compare with libraries in other towns of this size, but lacking a sort of of special character and peak. FIVE stars: Excellent.