Vilniaus miesto savivaldybés centriné biblioteka, Vilnius

  • February 2020

Vilniaus miesto savivaldybés centriné biblioteka (Central Library of Vilnius City Municipality) is situated outside of the city centre.  In its surroundings it looks more like a branch library in a suburb than a central library of a capital. The building is from the 1970´s but has been totally renovated. The overall impression is modern and there are for example a computer room and areas for music and exhibitions. The use of the library and wifi are free of charges. But then again something more negative, the high bookshelves dominate the interior. There are no areas with comfortable seats and to meet, work or study together and to be social. The main problem is, however, that the children´s library, called Saulutés, is located in a nearby shopping centre.  The entrance to this library is a kind of backstage door. The premises are in an upper floor and there is no elevator. The space is too small. It is filled up with bookshelves and there are no cosy areas for toddlers.  The computer room is something positive. This library would have big possibilities to reach a better service, improved quality and a higher LRE scoring if the administration is moved to the shopping centre premises and the children´s activities to the renovated building. TWO stars: Acceptable.