Muntpunt, Brussels

  • March 2018

Muntpunt is situated in the heart of Brussels. The five floors high imposing building opened in 2011. To quote Muntpunt´s brochure: “It´s a library, an information centre, a place to meet and your gateway to Brussels.” In the Belgian capital about 85 percent of the inhabitants are French speaking. Muntpunt is a Flemish library run by the Flemish authorities. The library emphasizes however that it is open for all.  The entrance level is easy to reach and offers possibilities for different happenings and activities. The whole building is a great resource with a good and versatile media collection, with many areas for studies and a great café. But there are fees for services  for adults and free wifi for visitors, but only in the café. The children´s area is unpractical and not spacious enough. There are two too small lifts in this high building where  for example the children´s department is on an upper floor. FOUR stars: Very good.