LocHal, Tilburg

  • October 2022

Tilburg is a city with a population of some 200 000 in the southern province of North Brabant in the Netherlands. In this city there is currently a strong process of development. The new library called LocHal is a part of this change. LocHal is the name of the area and building where the Dutch Railways had its maintenance site until 2011. Here the library interior has many tracks and reminders from the industrial period. The design of the premises shows consistent and radical use of the existing environment. But this is no doubt a library; the collection is visible immediately you enter the premises. The past of the city can be seen in other ways. Tilburg used to be the “wool capital” of the Netherlands. A reminder of this are the special designed and woven curtains.  Another specialty are the labs like TimeLab, FutureLab, and WordLab. They are integrated with other activities and can be used even as working places. In the centre of the building there is a restaurant. In connection with the library you can find good possibilities for conferences, meetings and cultural events. Except the fees this library has high values in all areas of LRE ranking. SIX stars: Exceptional