Pääkirjasto Joeli, Savonlinna

  • August 2018

Savonlinna town is mainly known for the medieval castle, Olavinlinna, St Olof’s castle. In this remarkable building from the 15th century an Opera Festival of high international standard is arranged every summer. The present main library in Savonlinna was opened in 2014. The exterior of the building is characterised by wood and metal nets. The library is spacious and offers great possibilities to develop new services and activities. The collection is generous and well exposed. The library has good prospects to become an important meeting point in Savonlinna and the region. A contributing factor is the café which is centrally located in the building. Savonlinna is the home town of the author Joel Lehtonen, from whom the library has acquired its name, Joeli. FIVE stars: Excellent.