Stadtbibliothek Linz

  • October 2018

Stadtbibliothek Linz (Linz City Library) is located in a landmark building called Wissensturm (Knowledge Tower), which was opened in the year 2007. The building with 15 floors is a kind of “lighthouse of knowledge” with marvelous views over the city but also visible all over the city. The activities are based on the cooperation between the library, adult education, cultural events and the municipality´s citizen services. Together with these partners there are in connection to the library special areas for learning (Lernzentrum LeWis) and for a makerspace (Medienwerkstatt). The open and light entrance level is an inviting indoor square, “an information market place”. On the same level there is a restaurant, too. The collection is rich and has versatile forms of media including a digital library. The media is also well exposed. Children and youth are important customer groups. The premises for them have a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. The resources of all these activities ought to be available for citizens a longer time, it means longer opening hours daily and weekly. There are fees for library users, some even for children. This library was the first one to get the regional Public Library Quality Seal in 2018 (Qualitätssiegel für öffentliche Bibliotheken in Oberösterreich). SIX stars: Exceptional.