SMSBiblio – Biblioteca Comunale di Pisa

  • May 2023

Pisa is a city and community in the centre Italy at the shore´s of the river Arno. It is worldwide known for its leaning tower. But it is also the birthplace of Galileo Galilei who has been called the father of modern science. Galilei is remembered in the form of a huge painting on the facade of the municipal library, SMSBiblio. The library has a beautiful location in a quiet part of the city but quite far away from the city centre, downtown. The modern building is about 10 years old and has a transparent image when it comes to the façade and the interior.  This is not a lively meeting place.  It is mainly a room for studies. The collection highlights great European authors. The children´s department is not cosy but there are many activities. Unfortunately there is no café which would be appreciated while there are no services  outside the building, close to the library.  THREE stars: Good