Mestská kniznica v Bratislave

  • October 2018

The Bratislava City Library, Mestská kniznica v Bratislave, is located in three different addresses in the old and beautiful centre of the city. The premises are in historical but not functional buildings for a modern public library. Availibility is not good and the buildings are rather anonymous.  The Non-Fiction Literature Section with Professional Literature Department, Music and Arts Department, Young Readers´ Section and Department for the Blind and Visually Impaired, is situated in the same block but in different buildings with addresses at Klariska 16 and Kapucinska 1-3. The Fiction and Foreign Languages Section is located totally separately at Laurinska 5. In this part of the library the visitors are not allowed to enter the library without informing the staff of his or her name and country. In all sections the collections are well-worn and partly out of date. There is a lack of audiovisual media. There are low fees for users. For customers of different ages and interests the division of the units can be a problem. ONE star: Poor.