Lidingö stadsbibliotek, Lidingö

  • September 2019

Lidingö stadsbibliotek (Lidingö City Library) has had a good location in the municipality´s commercial centre. In the autumn of 2019 it was moved a couple of hundred meters and is now located in the administrative centre, namely in the City Hall. The City Hall has undergone a total renovation and has been opened for cultural and public activities with areas for exhibitions, scenes, ArtLab, a Meeting Point and the library. The reason behind the change might be economic savings but the move can be successful. That is if the library does not lose visitors and customers because of the new location. The new premises are somewhat smaller than the earlier but the library is still spacious. The design of the interior and the equipment is elegant and modern and more up to date than in the earlier premises. There is also a close connection to the municipality´s citizen service and a cafeteria and restaurant in the building. The new library gets one more star than the old one. FIVE stars: Excellent.