Katona József Könyvtár, Kecskemét

  • April 2019

Katona József Könyvtár, József Katona Library is an important building situated in the centre of Kecskemét, a city of about 100 000 inhabitants. The library has been named to honour József Katona, a Hungarian playwright and poet, who was born in Kecskemét. The spacious and substantial and new library building opened in 1996. The premises look rather traditional but they are of high quality. The media collection is versatile and large including material even in other languages than Hungarian. There is also a large local collection. The library has high ambitions in the service development and performance. For example there is an equal access policy to the library services which is guaranteed by different actions. The staff is very service minded. There is a cosy café close to the entrance. There is an annual fee for the library card but it is quite modest. Five stars: Excellent.