Forum Groningen, Groningen

  • October 2022

Groningen with a population of some 200 000 is regarded as the economic and cultural centre of the northern part of the Netherlands. Forum Groningen is an exciting landmark building in the very city centre.  It rises like a medieval cathedral; 45 meters high with 10 floors.  The exterior of the building looks introverted but from inside it offers beautiful views over the city. It is more than just a library; it is a mixture of different, partly commercial activities combined with the library. There are for example a tourist information centre, a cinema area, different kinds of labs, restaurants, Forum shop and the Dutch museum for comics, animation, and games. The versatile collection supports the other activities. For instance, the large DVD collection is next to the cinema area. There are many activities for children and youth. The premises offer different kinds of comfortable working places and seating areas. This is a lively library and has even become a tourist attraction. On the rooftop you can find an inviting restaurant with a magnificent city view. SIX stars: Exceptional