Bibliotheek De Krook, Gent

  • March 2018

Bibliotheek De Krook is the central library in Gent. Its name, De Krook, is related to the beautiful site of the library at a curve of the river Schelde. The library is a part of the renewal of the city centre of Gent. De Krook, which opened in March 2017 is a landmark building with an exciting exterior. The design of the interior is unitary and of high quality. The premises are spacious and there is a big number of different reading and study areas with comfortable seats. The media collection is abundant and versatile.  The big difference from many other Belgian public libraries is that there are no fees for most of the services. Even  wifi is free for all. The design and the atmosphere remind more of a university library than a cosy family library.  Especially when the interior of the children´s section is quite chilly and neutral. The daily opening hours could be longer in this very popular library. On Sundays the library is closed. As a landmark building the library really stands out from its environment. FIVE stars: Excellent.