Biblioteca Salaborsa, Bologna

  • May 2023

Bologna, population 400 000 inhabitants, is the home of the oldest university in the world, founded in 1088. It is also the home of Biblioteca Salaborsa. It was opened in 2001 in the same building as the City Hall, Palazzo d´Accursio, nowadays called Palazzo Comunale. The site at Piazza del Nettuno is very central. The library premises are characterized by a large open auditorium surrounded by galleries. This very special area offers great possibilities for different kinds of arrangements and exhibitions. But you can also experience it as a big waiting room. The collection is versatile and includes a wide range of documents in different forms. A part of the collection is placed in an open depository. This library pays special attention to children and youth services. There are three different areas for them: Bebé for toddlers 0-3 years, Bambini for children 4-7 years and Ragazzi for youth 8-12 years. The last one has many different rooms and various kinds of activities. This is a great library but would need some upgrading in design and style. FOUR stars: Very good